Business Quote 2

Li Ka-Shing

There are many ways of doing business: we can sell you a good, or great, (maybe even a lousy) product and make a profitable killing. Or, we can sell you a great, or good, and yes, even a lousy product so cheap, we cannot service you, but we hurt our competitors along the way, and at the same time we get to destroy the market. Here is one of the best business approaches from Li Ka-Shing, whose concept that everyone should win is something we adhere to and try very hard to practice. We are amused sometimes when our clients seriously tell us they will get into our line of business, and because of the sheer difficulty of the medical equipment business, we really would welcome them, as it should make them understand the incredible effort we exert to live our vision and principles. For us the word “partners” means clients, buyers, employees/colleagues and their families, stockholders, manufacturers, inventors, end-users, patients, sometimes even our toughest (but friendly and constructive) competitors: “Leave money on the table for your partners. Not only will you be very rich, you will be very happy. If you allow your partners to benefit from the deal, they always come back and want to do business with you. There will never be a shortage of opportunity.”