To the United Nations: Quit Smoking

We were part of the Sunfu Solutions team who went to the Visayas to help alleviate the suffering of the people of Leyte and Samar ravaged by super typhoon Haiyan. United Nations personnel are swarming Tacloban, and they look great: with their powerful satelitte phones, many also with iphones in specially made holsters clipped to their belts (almost like a substitute for revolvers used during the days of the wild West), wonderful stainless steel water containers hanging from their backpacks, designer hiking shoes, many of them looking cool and slim, ready to save the world. If any child looked at these guys, they will be inspired to look for a job in some international agency like the UN, and likely they will also realize that smoking is cool and a great idea. Come on guys: enough of this macho crap. For around 30 minutes a day, for two days, while waiting for our ride, we took a few photos of UN personnel as they came out of a hotel in a disaster area. We have doctor-friends who have to go into hiding to take a puff, thinking it irresponsible to be seen smoking, even if they are in casual clothes and blend in with the populace: how about if you are in a UNICEF shirt, out to distribute relief, would it be the same responsibility? Do not worry, since we are a health company, we make sure our colleagues who still smoke are occasionally held accountable for feeding poison into themselves and setting a bad example to kids; a form of friendly “harassment” of smokers is part of the company culture. Here is a sampling of some photos (we avoided publishing photos that have full face exposures):