Sunfu Solutions strives to be a positive deviant


Why do we share ideas, thoughts, and interviews in our company website? We are quoting a possible answer from Dr. Atul Gawande’s book Better, in the section “Suggestions for Becoming a Positive Deviant.” Here is one of his suggestions:

Write something. I do not mean this to be an intimidating suggestion. It makes no difference whether you write five paragraphs for a blog, a paper for a professional journal, or a poem for a reading group. Just write. What you write need not achieve perfection. It need only add some small observation about your world.

You should not underestimate the effects of your contribution, however modest. As Lewis Thomas once pointed out, quoting the physicist John Ziman, “The invention of a mechanism for the systematic publication of ‘fragments’ of scientific work may well have been the key event in the history of modern science.” By soliciting modest contributions from the many, we have produced a store of collective know-how with far greater power than any individual could have achieved. And this is as true outside science as inside.