Relentlessly building a business in the Third World

The incredible effort we put in to build our business makes us ask the question occasionally what are all the sacrifices for. The incredible energy (life), money, time expended; there is nothing else anyone of us can do but devote every waking life to building Sunfu Solutions. We are not in Silicon Valley, or New York, or Seoul. This is Manila, where four-hour traffic, red tape, and the human resources challenges are the stuff of legend. So we will list some of the reasons why we do it, when we can just walk away from it all:
1. The artist in us drives us to create something beyond and bigger than us.
2. The challenge of sharing and educating those who join us in our journey; hoping from employees they will become and transform to real partners.
3. The challenge of raising health care standards, solving health care issues, and making sure the bottom of the pyramid is considered in the equation.
4. The possibility of building something great.
5. Family: not just our (the founders’) biological family, but the biological family of those who are part of this company as partners, employees, investors. We hope we can be a lasting and innovative company that will attract the next generation to build where we have left off. We hope our values are such that the next generation will want to pass these to those coming up after them; and that a truly generational company that contributes to mankind will emerge.

It takes a lot to build the kind of company we want to become. But all these years of relentless work, we do know we are becoming that company we want to become. Let’s get back to work.