Monthly Archives: August 2015

What we give our clients/partners

We mean the title of this entry in two ways: we are giving out books all the time to our friends (most of our clients are considered good friends, or serious business partners; or both). Below is a photo of a stack of the book Antifragile by Nassim Taleb, which is our gift book of choice for 2015. It is a good book, if only for its concept; even if it can be repetative towards the 2nd half of the book. We are giving this particular title to our friends because we want to give our friends the great idea of antifragility: the ability to gain from and not be disturbed by the shocks and surprises (black swans) life or the world will inevitably keep throwing at us. This is something we are very proud of: as much as possible, we only deal with a small set of clients, but we make sure their doing business with us will mean we will try our best to serve them beyond medical equipment, we are here to help them thrive, solve problems, and even make the world better. What a grand claim: but we can refer to our clients, big and small in their respective industries, to say we live this company philosophy. And our small gift of this book is a tiny example of our vision of ourselves as a corporate citizen.