About Us

Sunfu Solutions, Inc. is over a decade-old company. Sunfu Solutions, Inc. is a company devoted to bringing quality medical machines to improve lives and strengthen local health care capacity building. It is managed by professionals from various backgrounds of medicine and academic research. As the company strives with its partners to positively contribute to health care capacity building worldwide, the group is aware of its social responsibilities to the various communities it serves. We aim to serve diverse yet select groups and needs in the health care sector, its different quality and pricing needs; to practice business that takes into account the welfare of patients, health workers, national and local health policies, entrepreneurs; and the constant struggle for innovation, profit, responsibility, and ethics. We deal with all kinds of diagnostic, imaging, and hospital tools and equipment. We share our ideas and provoke debate, in order to see health from the different points-of-views of all the stakeholders. We do not aim to serve everyone, we do not want to be everything to all organizations: we are clear, that we only want to work with people who somehow share our vision of going beyond numbers, and who look to us as more than just numbers and products pushers.

Among the stars in the solar system, the sun is the ultimate giver of light and life energy. Fu is the Chinese term for good fortune and happiness. Sunfu contributes light, energy, and happiness by helping solve the technology, policy, and management issues in the area of health care: Let’s get to work, and find solutions.

Training nurses on our ecg and ventilator, on our emergency bed.