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We are a channel for innovative brands from Europe, Asia, and North America in the field of medical equipment technology. We also support local initiatives to invent and manufacture equipment and software for the health care industry. Our equipment can be found in the best health and diagnostic institutions like: Cardinal Santos, Manila Doctors, NKTI, Philippine Children’s Hospital, Makati Medical Center, New World Diagnostics, Cebu Doctors and various local and national government hospitals.

We have installations of imaging machines, set up Operating Rooms from halogen and LED lights to OR tables to anesthesia machines to cautery machines, our ecg and treadmill are available in the largest diagnostic clinics that take in hundreds of patients a day, we have been made the company in charge of supplying all the medical equipment of brand new hospitals. Our patient monitors manufacturer builds the same exact units for the biggest brands in the world.  We generally avoid tie-ups or joint ventures with clinics and hospitals for laboratory equipment, as we find this disadvantageous to the care of patients. But we provide some of the most efficient and accurate diagnostic devices in this product category. Our mammogram machines are are the most efficient, offering the widest view, and uses some of the best components available in the world. Our MRI installation was one of the fastest in the entire country, from the time of Purchase Order to having it up and running in one of the busiest hospitals in Metro Manila. From 16 slices to 128 slices CT, we have delivered on time and on budget.

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